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The heart of San Marino narrates the history of a land for thousands of years suspended between earth and sky, a history packed with emotions that still continues to sustain and nurture the country’s inhabitants and traditions. Today, the UNESCO has proclaimed this history a Heritage of the World, just waiting to be discovered. 


The city of San Leo is reached, rising from the Adriatic coast, along the Strada Statale Marecchiese 258 which from Rimini, along the river Marecchia, leads to Tuscany. After about 20 km, near Pietracuta, the most populous village of San Leo, the road turns from the Marecchiese to the hills that lead to the Masso Leontino.
The traveler who arrives instead at St. Leo from the geographical heart of Montefeltro, takes the provincial road that from the summit of the Passo San Marco (986 m asl), slips for about 10 km through Villagrande Montecopiolo up to St. Leo, in a striking panorama crowned by the majestic backdrop formed by the Monte Titano (Republic of San Marino). 


La ricerca scientifica ha dimostrato che le acque di Riccione non sono solo efficaci, ma in alcuni casi addirittura insostituibili. L’ equipe medica delle Terme di Riccione è altamente qualificata e si aggiorna continuamente offrendo la maggiore assistenza in ogni momento della terapia. Per trarre il massimo beneficio dalle cure termali Riccione Terme ha creato […]

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